Ways to Find the Best Solitaire Ring in Gulshan

Bezirk/Stadtteil: Dhaka

The millennials get frenzies when it comes to solitaire rings. In accordance with the latest trend, the new generation is preferring solitaire ring for their engagement. However, buying the best solitaire ring in Gulshan can be intimidating; especially for the ones who are buying for the time first. If you are planning to invest in a solitaire ring, master these tips to grab the best one:


● The thumb rule is to consider the major 3Cs of the ring. Known as cut, clarity, and color- these 3 factors define the authenticity of the lone diamond. Usually, D, E & F are colorless diamonds and are considered as metals of superior grade.

● You should also pay heed to the settings of the diamond ring. It will help you to have a better idea on its visibility.

● Lastly, compare and contrast the price of the rings from multiple stores. Stick to the shop that offers exclusive diamond rings at a competitive price in Gulshan.


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