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Hi Sir, If you are looking for good supplier/manufacturers for chemical products, please contact me. You will get high quality products, low factory price, fast safety delivery service.  

1, Without customs problem
2, Special double clearance line
3, Discreet package, safety shipping
4, Door to Door Service
5, 3-5 days delivery time
6, China directly Factory production
7, Bulk quantity with low price
8, High quality with competitive 

Our main product list :
New bmk powder,bmk glycidate powder, cas 5449-12-7 New bmk oil,bmk glycidate oil, cas 20320-59-6 New pmk powder,pmk glycidate powder, cas 28578-16-7,cas 13605
New pmk oil,pmk glycidate oil, cas 28578-16-7

2-Bromovalerophenone CAS 49851-31-2 4-Methylpropiophenone Cas 5337-93-9 Valerophenone Cas 1009-14-9 2-bromo-1-phenylhexan-1-one Cas 59774-06-0 Pyrrolidine Cas 123-75-1 2-Dimethylaminoisopropyl chloride hydrochloride Cas 4584-49-0 2,2-Diphenylacetonitrile Cas 86-29-3
2-Bromo-4-Methylpropiophenone CAS 1451-82-7
2-iodo-1-p-tolylpropan-1-one CAS 236117-38-7
phenacetin/phenacetin, shiny phenacetin,non shiny phenacetin CAS 62-44-2
Paracetamol, CAS?103-90-2 Quinine, Quinine hcl,
Quinine hydrochloride, cas 130-89-2
Tetracaine, Tetracaine hcl, CAS 94-24-6,Cas 136-47-0 xylazine, xylazine
hcl,xylazine hydrochloride,cas 23076-35-9,cas 7361-61-7 Procaine,Procaine base,Procaine
hcl,Procaine hydrochloride,cas 51-05-8,cas 59-46-1
lidocaine,lidocaine base,lidocaine hcl,lidocaine hydrochloride,CAS 73-78-9,cas 137-58-6 tetracaine,tetracaine base,tetracaine hcl,tetracaine hydrochloride, CAS 94-24-6,Cas 136-47-0 Benzocaine,Benzocaine base,Benzocaine
hcl,Benzocaine hydrochloride, cas 94-09-7,CAS 23239-88-5
Tetramisole,tetramisole hcl,Tetramisole hydrochloride, cas 5086-74-8
Levamisole,levamisole base,levamisole hcl,levamisole hydrochloride,cas 14769-73-4, cas 16595-80-5,Pregabalin, pregabalin crystal,pregabalin powder,cas 148553-50-8
cas 60142-96-3

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WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal: 0086-19831962292
Wickr/telegram: Lydiaxinow
Email: [...]
Threema: T9FW47KC