Be the guide of a blind and travel for free in Europe

This includes three things that you will have to offer and things that you will receive.

First thing that I offer, I pay you everything: food, accommodation, tickets to travel with me. In exchange, as I am blind, you have to guide me, organize the journeys and everything else. About three hours of work a day.

Second thing that I offer, I teach you for free: French, English, Esperanto, Italian, osteopathy, massages, psychology, philosophy, Tai Chi, Chi Kong, music. I am psychologist, osteopath, musician, Shaolin Monk, champion in echolocation (you can google Ben Underwood to see another champion in echolocation). In exchange, you will teach me... I don’t know what you can offer, at least your mother tongue, and I am sure some other stuff.

Third thing I offer, extra pocket money: in exchange, publishing videos on my YouTube channel. If you don’t know how to edit, we will teach you that as well.

Send me an audio message on WhatsApp or Telegram and then we will organize an appointment in a cafe in your town to meet and discuss, and see what is possible.

WhatsApp number: +49 17637641857

Telegram number: +49 15733131728

I will be in Bratislava Thursday 9th and Friday 10th of November 2017. If you contact me and you seem fine, we can organise a meeting in a public place, coffee or whatever else. Before that, go and check my Youtube channel to discover a bit who I am.

You are welcome with one of these languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish or Esperanto.

It is better working usually with a lady but is also possible with a man. I am vegetarian-vegan, very sportive, no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, so you should be more or less interested in the topics on the videos and in the spirit of the life that I have, diet and so on.

Be welcome!

Hidgi Chuan

Youtube channel: