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Custom cnc metal parts are suitable for hand board production and small batch production, various types of parts in large quantities, CNC machining parts precision is the highest in the mechanical manufacturing industry, can serve various industries on the precision requirements of high precision parts processing.


Features of Metal Machining Part

High precision: metal CNC machining can precisely control the machining path and parameters of the machine tool through computer programs, thus achieving high-precision machining. This high-precision manufacturing method can meet some demanding applications, such as aerospace, precision machinery, and other fields.


High efficiency: CNC machining of metals can improve productivity through automated machining processes and efficient production methods. Compared with traditional manual processing methods, metal CNC machining can greatly reduce the processing cycle and production cycle, and improve production efficiency.


Good repeatability: Since metal CNC machining is controlled by computer programs to control the machining process, a high degree of consistency and repeatability of the parts can be achieved. This consistency and repeatability can ensure the quality stability of the product and facilitate mass production.


Automatable production: CNC metal machining can be automated through robots and automated systems. This automated production method can increase productivity, reduce human resource costs and shorten production cycles.


Complex shapes: CNC china precision machining of metals can be achieved through complex computer programs to control the machining path and parameters of the machine tool to achieve highly complex shapes of the parts. This complex shape is more difficult to process, but high precision and high efficiency can be achieved through metal CNC machining.


Specifications of Metal CNC Machining Part



Maximum Part Size

559mm x 356 mm x 95.3 mm


100% product quality inspection before delivery according to customer's drawing requirements

Drawing Format

2D Drawing: PDF/JPG/DWG


Surface Finishing

Bead Blast, Anodized, Powder Coat, Electropolishing


Metal CNC Machining parts machining higher production efficiency. cnc parts machining can process multiple surfaces at the same time.


Metal CNC Machining parts machining has an irreplaceable role in the development of new products. Generally speaking, parts of different degrees of complexity can be processed through programming.


Metal CNC Machining parts machining is very fully automated, greatly reducing the manual labor intensity of workers.


As a precision machining company, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.