Business Partners for Uganda Tourism Industry

Bezirk/Stadtteil: Kenya / Rwanda / Tanzania

Aamam Tours provides quality, affordable escorted tours, river cruises and vacation packages. We look forward to showing you More of the East Africa for Less on your next vacation.

Aamam Tours limited derives it’s unique and meaningful name from the Bible story of Noah and Aamam “The Dove 🕊” when the flood overwhelms the earth.  A righteous man, Noah “found favors in the eyes of the Lord” then sends out Aamam “the Dove” and it returns to the ark with an olive branch in its mouth; hence Aamam “the Dove” is now a symbol of new life, new hope, and a world that has been restored.

Aamam Cool Tours Limited, being a nature and eco friendly company, derives its totem from The dove that is mild, true and loving;

This signifies the Company’s ability and readiness to guide you and lead you to the land gifted by nature, the pearl of Africa, Uganda, a land with breath taking beauty ranging from the scenery, aquatic, flora and fauna, plentiful great wildlife and true African culture, to a lot of undiscovered riches, comfortable weather all year round, fresh organic foods and fruits, and of course safety and reliability.

Uganda being one of the world’s most unique nature destinations with unparalleled scenic beauty. Your trip with Aamam Tours will surely give you a memorable experience to share with friends, family and others a dream vacation and the view of a real paradise.