Private Tutoring To Reach Maximum Academic Potential

We know that no two students have exactly the same gaps and needs, which is why no two students in our program are learning the same thing! It is always custom-tailored to what the specific student requires.

Math Tutoring Program

At Tutoring Club, you’ll find professional tutors who are focused on the core math topics your child learns in school. Whilst addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are important during their early years, your child’s learning doesn’t end there. Our goal, however, is to help your child succeed as they learn complex math subjects like algebra and geometry.

English Tutoring Program

Tutoring Club offers tutoring service in Dubai that guarantees your child will rise in academic performance, and does it faster than any other tutoring service.

English Reading

We build the reading program specifically around the student’s needs, addressing his or her specific gaps in learning and comprehension. When seeking a reading tutor, Dubai parents want the best. 

English Writing

Our writing program is taught by English tutors who are subject matter experts in English writing and who have passion for English as a written language. The English writing program covers many aspects depending on the age and grade level of the student.

Arabic Tutoring Program

Arabic is one of the most challenging languages to learn, so let us make the process a little easier. Whether you are a native learner or looking to learn Arabic as a second language, we can tailor a solution to meet with your needs. Our diagnostic testing allows us to pinpoint areas of weakness so that we can tailor your curriculum to your needs. From absolute beginners, to advanced students, we can provide the solution you need. We specialize in Arabic lessons for all grades and all ages. We create an Arabic course that is right for you. Whether you are a native speaker or not, we can help you improve your Arabic language skills very quickly.

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