Wetting Agent T-60

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[Brief information]

1. An anionic surfactant with excellent wetting and dispersibility and biodegradation that has slight irritation to human skin.

2. Wetting agent chemical is widely use in home chemicals, pigments, printing & dyeing, asbestos, pesticides, paper making, leather, etc.

3. Use for emulsifier, wetting agents, dispersing agent, etc.

[Main composition]

Di-iso-octyl sodium succinate.

[General properties]

Appearance: colourless to pale yellow viscous liquid

Solid content: above 60%

pH: 6 – 8

[Product features]

1. Excellent wetting and stripping to dirt as a scouring agent, while stable with bleaching agents.

2. Excellent thickening without use of alkanolamide and good compatibility to compound various washing chemicals.

3. Excellent wetting in concentrated washing powder and washing & bleaching to colour dirt, which sharply improves machine washing efficiency.

4. Uses for cotton, linen, viscous and their blends, while bleaching and dyeing can be done after treatment. And it confers soft and bulky hand feels to fabrics.

5. Compounds various wetting agents and scouring agents.


Pretreatment: 0.5 – 3.0 g/L

Dyeing: 0.3 – 1.0 g/L

[Packaging and storage]

125 kg/polyethylene drum, 12 months in sealed container at room temperature.


The data contained in this literature are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is imperative that it be tested to determine, to your satisfaction, whether it is suitable for your intended use and application. We shall not take any responsibility in any situation for improper use.

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