Open Source Project Management Software-scrum Zentao:


ZenTao is a free and open source project management program along with capabilities of advanced bug tracking system,
 bug management system, tasks management, tasks tracking and much more. ZenTao offers a great amount of project management systems
in a single platform. Just imagine about using the management tools like product management, project management, testing management,
 dashboard management, document management and customization management. Too much management options are enough for choosing
this project management software for managing projects of all types. The others reasonable reasons for selecting ZenTao are it is open source,
free, professional, agile and highly flexible. Just switch from those project management tools that do not offer too much versatility
and start using ZenTao that is offering complete lifecycle management, covering fully core process of management and offering a great
amount of management and tracking functions. ZenTao support agile and scrum management at the same time.

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