NIFF Canada Jamaica global fitness championships

Area/Neighbourhood: 60 Friuli Court

At NIFF Canada the goal is to award the hard working athlete with prize money and other wonderful awards of value. The top 5 are awarded in each category. The ultimate goal is to keep the athletes cost down while giving the athlete an experience they will never forget.

NIFF Canada was developed in 2017 as a counter-response to increasing steroid and drug use among athletes in Canada and around the world.

NIFF Canada’s focus is to educate and support the promotion of drug-free sporting events by providing a platform in which natural athletes can compete. Education on the benefits of competing drug-free is the key to our success and our athletes are the positive role models that we promote to our communities. The essence of fair play, integrity, honesty and respect all point to the importance of being clean and being your best, naturally. NIFF Canada plays a vital role in the establishment of ethics and sportsmanship that many say are lacking in today’s competitive sports.

"It's Time For Chnage"

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